Pack List

For the past few months, I've been working on this gear list. The list has now materialized into a pile occupying the spare bedroom. Yesterday I shoved it all in my panniers and it fits! If you are a backpacker, the things on the list should be pretty familiar with a few bike and fishing things thrown in. Take a look. What did I forget!? Leave a comment if I forgot anything!

I won't review everything in the pack list, but wanted to highlight a few things I am particularly excited about/excited about.

Patagonia Stormfront Backpack courtesy of Wyoming Trout Guides

When out fishing, I need something waterproof to keep all my fishing gear, food, layers, and important/expensive things I can afford to leave on a locked up bike in the woods. Marty of Wyoming Trout Guides generously hooked me up with just the thing: a relatively lightweight, waterproof backpack from Patagonia. WHEN you visit Cody, WY, make sure you stop in their shop for the best fishing report, flies, and service around! Blake and Marty will point you in the right direction, or better yet, guide you on one of Cody's world class fisheries.

Blackburn Wayside Multi-Tool

For the longest time, multi-tools were all varying degrees of the same thing: a bunch of tools slammed together in one bulky package. In many instances, the tool was too big to even turn given the fact that each tool was connected to body, making hard to reach bolts virtually impossible to tighten/loosen. Enter the BlackburnWayside Multi-Tool. I love the way that this multi-tool has individual ball head allen wrenches. They are mini versions of the tools I use everyday at the bike shop.

Kitsbow Wool Bike Clothing

Best fitting, functioning, and looking clothes I own. Seriously.

Giro Neo Blaze Gloves

Winter biking and fishing poses a challenge for hands, fingers, and dexterity. It's very hard to find a glove that offers decent warmth and dexterity for managing fly line. That's why I'm excited about these gloves. They have thin enough neoprene to maintain dexterity and a rubbery grip on the palm and fingers. The fact that they can be used both on the water and on the bike make them a no-brainer.

Giro Alpineduro Shoes

The fact that bringing all my steelhead fishing gear necessitates skimping in other areas. As such, I've decided to only bring one pair of shoes for both my timeon and off the bike. I've chosen the Giro Alpineduro cycling shoes and couldn't be happier. PrimaLoft insulation, waterproof, and a look that doesn't scream "biker."

Big Agnes Tent, Pad, Bag

I didn't even know tent could be this light, roomy, and durable. The fact that the tent, bag, and pad pack so small really make it a no-brainier for bike touring.

Dumonde Tech Original Chain Lube

Hands down the best chain lube I've used. Lasts super long, quiet, and clean.