Back to Real Life

After three months of glorious travel, I've finally rejoined the real world. Carefree days of pedaling through winter rain have been replaced by normal, everyday things like pedaling to work. While I am excited to explore Anchorage, my thoughts are continually wandering back towards Wyoming. I knew I would not be returning the the Cowboy state after completing my ride, but it didn't feel like reality until I actually arrived in Anchorage. I can't help but miss the good people, bike trails and trout streams that made Cody home (not to mention proper spring weather).

Getting here was another journey in itself, using all modes of transportation. Airplane took us to Montana where we picked up my truck. Driving led us to Bellingham where we boarded theM.V. Malaspina. Three days on the ferry was the perfect way to reach Alaska. Once on board, all the normal hassles of traveling were gone. I even forgot the fact that the check engine light had just lit up on my Tundra with 800 miles left to drive to Anchorage. We filled the days watching for wildlife, reading and simply enjoying the scenery of SE Alaska and British Columbia.

People warned me about Anchorage; it's lack of charm, gritty feel, and sprawling nature. So far, they were right. The good news is, it's not too far from Alaska from here!