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IMG_20150605_164117133In the world of bike touring, bike packing, and commuting, there is a lot of talk about gear, cargo hauling options, and the latest best thing. I've made a breakthrough discovery that will revolutionize the way you carry things on your bike...or scooter, or whatever.

The bike shop closes early on Fridays. Today, I used my two extra hours to run an important errand: restocking the beer supply. I picked up a sixer of nice beer, and a 12 pack of PBR (don't judge, I started drinking PBR before it was cool).  The six pack fit nicely in my rack mounted pannier. The 12 pack on the other hand, wouldn't quite squeeze in with the IPA. This is where the latest innovation in bike touring/packing comes in...

Let me introduce you to the bungee strap. It's made of numerous strands of elastic rubber bands twisted together, covered by classy looking ornamental yet functional sheath, and topped off with plastic coated wire hooks on both ends. BRILLANT. This simple piece of gear will revolutionize the way you pack for you next bikepacking adventure. Hand sewn frame bag you ask? Forget it, just bungee that dehydrated meal to your seat tube. $150 handlebar mounted dry-bag? Nope, bungee your sleeping bag there. See where I'm going with this? Do yourself a favor. Go purchase one of these life saving inventions, and go ride your bike!

I owe this discovery all to this excellent gentlemen pictured here:


It's been said that "Great minds think alike." In this instance, I couldn't agree more.