Taking a Chance



Late last month, while visiting one of my favorite bike culture blogs, I came across an opportunity. Blackburn, the venerable bike touring accessory manufacturer, hires six "Blackburn Rangers" to ride a bike from Canada to Mexico. Along the way, the Rangers test and report on new gear, and create social media buzz about the trip. A journey like this has always appealed to me, but I want to add a fishy twist...I propose riding the Pacific Coast bike route, from Vancouver, BC to the Mexican border, while hauling rod, reel, waders and boots in order to fly fish for steelhead along the way. One of the big challenges with steelhead fishing coastal rivers, is that they are most prolific in the winter, which means cool weather and lots of rain: not the best bike touring weather. When I've described my idea to others, they normally tell me this is is a terrible idea, I'd me miserable the whole way, and I should think about doing it in the fall instead. While hearing this definitely makes me think twice, it also makes me want to do it even more. You probably know by now that I'm drawn to things that few have done before, and I think this might be a first...

Getting to the point: The application process to become a Ranger includes a video that tells who I am, why I love bikes, and would make a good ranger. To do this I enlisted the help of some Cody High School students, and they did an amazing job! Alexx and Hunter filmed, edited, and produced the music for the clip. They captured my passion for bikes, fishing, and told a story that sets the video apart among the other applicants.

Without further ado