Beartooth Pass Bike Fish Attempt

Its that time of year again, when the snow plows are working their way up and over Beartooth Pass, attempting to remove feet of snow before the onslaught of tourists . Until it's clear, the road remains closed to vehicle traffic, leaving bicyclist free reign...kind of. Last year we ventured up and over from Red Lodge, MT. Wanting to try something different this year, we took off from the Wyoming side just off Chief Joseph highway. The weather wasn't as good as last year, with menacing clouds all around.

I brought the fly rod along in case we found some ice free lakes. The first lake we came across was still frozen tight, with the exception of the outlet. I couldn't resist wetting a line, even if it meant wet wading in an icy lake. I casted for a good 10 minutes before I could no longer ignore the thunder. We made a mad dash back to the car, but the storm beat us. Hail, rain, thunder, lightening. Spring in Wyoming.