Things don't happen unless you make them happen.

Every year, Blackburn Design commissions six "Rangers" to travel, explore, and share a journey on an iconic cycling route. As one of the Rangers, I am riding my bicycle from Vancouver, BC to the Mexico Border, this winter, to fly fish for steelhead. The solo journey will begin January, 2017. My goal is to catch a steelhead, on a swung fly, in Washington, Oregon, and California. Check the blog page for updates or Instagram @spoke_n_fly.


Getting Western

Getting western is a saying used when things are about to get adventurous. Maybe it’s not going quite as planned, or about to get a little more real. Perhaps you've found yourself lowering into a canyon using a farmer’s discarded tractor fan belt in order to reach a new trout stream. How about strapping a rifle to a mountain bike and pedaling to a distant elk meadow. Now you got it, things are about to Get Western.

I find myself seeking out these experiences, and reveling in them, both in the moment, and long after they have transpired. It is these types of adventures that connect me to the people I share them with and the landscapes in which they occur: mountains, canyons, rivers, prairies, deserts. This blog is meant to capture these experiences, and share them with like minded folks in hope that they may entertain, and inspire.



In order to obtain my goal of cycling from Vancouver to Mexico and catching a steelhead on a swung fly in Washington, Oregon, and California, I need your help: a backyard to pitch a tent, a hot shower, or best of all, a day on the river with a local. Interested in being part of this adventure? Get in touch!

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