And now we fish

For the first 5 days of our tour, we focused on riding our bikes in a loop starting and ending in Port Angeles, WA. It was hard to focus on anything but day to day requirements during this part of the journey: where to eat, sleep, and refuel. Once we neared Port Angeles on day 5, it struck me that the next 10 days would be spent fishing. I smiled and laughed out loud when I remembered this fact. 

Since then, we've spent 5 days on the river. We couldn't have asked for better timing. While we were riding, the OP had a huge rainstorm, over 4 inches in one day. The rivers blew out big time. When we arrived, the rivers were dropping into fishable levels. We hoped they were full of fish.  

Since arriving, we've hit up 4 rivers: the Sol Duc, Calawah, Hoh, and Bogichiel. Can you believe that we haven't caught a single steelhead in 5 days!? For those of you who know a thing or two about steehleading, you may not be surprised. They are notoriously hard to catch, especially by fly. That hasn't kept us from trying though!

Alas, I'm running out of time at the Forks Library. Look for more details in the following days!