Evolution of a Bike

I've been known to own a lot of bikes. Many of them are built, obsessed over, rode hard for a few years, and then sold on to their next owner. It's one of the perks of working at a bike shop I guess. Every once in a while though, a bike comes a long that stays with me for the long haul. Meet Pink Bike.

Pink bike came in as an unwanted machine to Paradise Creek Bicycles when I worked there in College. It's previous owner no longer wanted it, and simply left it with the shop. In need of a commuter bike, I quickly snatched it up. I was drawn to it's unmistakable paint and connection to mountain bike history, as Fishers were one of the first widely available mountain bikes. I also love seeing old, outdated pieces of machinery in good working order (bikes, guns, saws, etc). I feel like it's a testament to the quality and precision of a tool or machine working well after it's been replaced by 'modern' equipment. No, the Fisher isn't THAT old, at least not as old as my WWI area hunting rifle, but given the amount of change seen in the mountain bike industry, its nice to see a classic still running.

I first built it up as a commuter and grocery getter while in Moscow, ID. I rarely drove in those days, relying solely on bike transport to run to the store, class and where ever else. Next it had a brief makeover as a fixed gear during winter months (look at that stem!). Practicality took over and PinkBike took form in master commuter mode: XTR shifters, derailleurs, cranks, rack and panniers. It lasted years in this form, racking up the miles in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

After arriving in Alaska, I felt it was time PinkBike had an upgrade. Given how HOT 1x drivetrains are these days, I thought it'd be worth a try on this bike. The all-around good guys and gals at WTB recently hooked me up with a pair of their OG DirtDrips, the original mountain bike drop bar. What more fitting of a bike for that classic bar? Parts were ordered, heads were scratched, a bike was reborn.

In it's new form, PinkBike is sporting some swanky (some rusty) new parts:

  • Sunrace 11-42 10spd cassette
  • XT 9spd rear derailleur aided by WolfTooth Road Link
  • WTB Dirt Drop bars
  • 10spd barn end shifter
  • Blackburn front rack

It's fun to see an old bike made anew. Even more fun to load it up for bike overnights and pass lycra clad roadies on the commute home!